Coding Interview Prep

Understand the reasons and leverage this knowledge to better prepare for your big tech interviews.

Whiteboard interviews are not exactly popular within the dev community. Many feel intimidated by them and there is legitimate doubt if whiteboard interviews provide any value in assessing the candidate’s programming capability.

Some people are even absolutely terrified just by the idea to be put between an interviewer and a whiteboard. Psychological Safety is the keyword here.

It’s definitely not a perfect process for companies either. However, since it’s so widely used, and FAANG companies are indeed full of smart people it seems to result in good hires.

To let you see behind the curtain, I share some reasons…

Coding Interview Prep

Learn what’s expected of you and ace your FAANG interviews with ease

FAANG companies are massive organizations. And the more people are supposed to work together the more complex it gets.

That’s why FAANG companies are looking for engineers they can move around projects and it good results can be expected, no matter what problem they are assigned too.

Here, I am sharing the exact skills that big companies like Google, Amazon or Microsoft are hoping to find in you during a whiteboard coding interview.

Prefer to watch a video? Here you find the corresponding youtube video of mine.

The emphasis varies a bit across companies but everyone is looking for…

Coding Interview Prep

3 simple strategies to recover from mistakes and blackouts

Whiteboard coding interviews are an essential part of every FAANG interview for software engineering roles. And it’s also the most terrifying part of the whole interviewing process for many engineers no matter their level of experience!

One thing most interviewees don’t know, since they only do a couple interviews every couple of years, is that getting stuck is normal. It happens to almost everyone!

Today, I’m sharing what can go wrong and how you can prepare, recover and still ace your interview!

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First of stay calm and don’t freak out…

Coding Interview Prep

Learn 4 Classic Methods promising Candidates use to Screw-up their Coding Interviews

It’s a common misconception that knowing efficient algorithms is enough to get through the whiteboard interview at FAANG companies.

The truth is, you also need to adopt a systematic process to avoid and correct mistakes if needed. The lack of process is something that often leads to failure, as many candidates ignore this in their preparation.

So that this doesn’t happen to you too, I am sharing the biggest mistakes people make in whiteboard coding interviews and how you can avoid them.

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1. Not asking clarifying questions

Tech Career Advice

Learn the routines that set apart great engineers

Once you have received your big tech offer and you see the actually salary, many software engineers start to worry.

Will I be able to life-up to their expectations, deliver results and be successful? Am I even smart enough to achieve any of this?

Don’t worry — you are not! If you made it through the technical interviews, you can be sure. I’ve also seen much more people not become successful due to bad habits than due to not being smart enough.

That’s why I share 4 habits which help you grow as an engineer and accelerate your career in…

Most people who are interested in smart home automation start very enthusiastically into their new hobby, automating as much as they can within their home.
Many are completely unaware of the cybersecurity risk they introduce to their homes, allowing cybercriminals to access their private space just by some clicks.

In this article, you get an idea about threats in home automation and four simple & effective best security practices, so you can build-out your home smarter without exposing you to additional risk!

Security Threats in Home Automation

Home automation has hit the mainstream market in recent years. Previously only a limited group of tech enthusiasts…

Let’s be honest, starting to learning about electronics, Arduino and hardware can be very hard, especially without any previous knowledge.

I personally never managed to get a grip on hardware topics at all, not till I started this challenge…

Actually, about 80% of people fail in the attempt to pickup a meaningful new habit(source). The main reasons are, lack of accountability, company and a clear path to success. It’s most often a lonely battle we fight, trying to keep ourselves accountable for achieving a not clearly defined goal. This makes it just too easy to slip.

To overcome the known…

Hardware development has become a hot topic for a wide variety of people. It feels like people with an degree in electrical engineering are actually a minority online communities. There, you find all kinds of people mingling, middle-aged hobbyists, artists, home automation geeks, designers, you name it.

I belong into the software engineering bucket. However, my main expertise couldn’t be further off hardware and low-level programming. For the majority of my professional career, I have been developing interfaces and web services in JavaScript.

Probably that’s where my fascination for learning hardware comes from — finally being able to see behind…

A #100DayofHardware tutorial about how to build your first “Hello World” circuit

This tutorial shows how to build a simple circuit which is the equivalent to a ‘hello world’ program. It is part of #100DaysofHardware — A challenge, I pioneer to help other’s like me to learn about electronics, microcontrollers and eventually IoT.

Everyone is welcomed to join the challenge! I’m available on twitter just approach me if you need any help along the way or just share your own progress under #100daysOfHardware.

Planning my deep-dive into electronics, did feel overwhelming to me, till I found a pathway to cut…

UPDATE: Watch this article as a Video Tutorial now!

How would you design the data structure for a very large social network like Facebook or Linkedin?

Such kind of question is known to be asked by top-tier tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Linkedin as part of their recruitment process.

The reason is, that social networks are a great use case for graph data structures. In this tutorial, we will dive into the topic with an hands-on example and build a social network ourselves! …

Fabian Hinsenkamp

SSE @Microsoft. Here I demystify the coding interview and help other engineers to leap into a FAANG career!

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